Thank you to our 2021 sponsors

We are grateful to our sponsors and donors of that were supported during difficult years. It’s not easy to describe the impact of your support in our program. We want to share success stories from our volunteer coordinators to say “Thank you” for all you do for


Another year has passed, and while it was a bittersweet year due to the COVID-19 pandemic this year, it didn’t stop us providing all daily needs.

We were able this year to provide content and resources for thanks to the generous donations of sponsors.

Our support as part of has played an important role in the lives and well-being of thousands of people. Thanks to our sponsors, our students were able to participate in the annual event.

I hope that we all find that inner strength that allows us to persevere and appreciate the people and things around us even in the toughest times. We are grateful to have been able to continue being a part this amazing program. We hope this partnership can continue for many more years. Special thanks to Glasses Tools with the effort that they provided.